Amazon makes first aerial drone delivery

Amazon has revealed making its first  autonomous aerial drone delivery, to one, ''Richard B'' of Cambridgeshire, England.

The order was for a bag of popcorn and an Amazon Fire TV device.

The drones are powered by electricity and are loaded in an Amazon warehouse. They are placed on a on a platform mounted on rails. The platform slides out of the building and at the end of the line the drone takes to the sky. 

According to Amazon, the drone which flew at ''under 400 feet'', could lift ''under five pounds". The delivery would be extended to hundreds of customers over the coming weeks and months.

Amazon added that delivery would be possible  ''within several miles'' of Amazon's shed. The range of products was limited which included electronics, snacks and pet foods.

According to commentators, Amazon was getting quite close to making drone deliveries a reality. They add, however, whether the rural setting for the test also suggested that the system might not yet be ready to fly in urban environments. 

The delivery occurred on 7 December, in a zone that UK aviation authorities had authorised for drone test flights, according to a tweet Wednesday by company chief executive officer Jeff Bezos. 

Though, the flight was conducted under UK restrictions that currently prohibited such deliveries on a widespread basis, the development marked a milestone in the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to effect deliveries. 

The drone flew using the company's automation software for guidance and it landed with the help of a target placed on the ground to guide the craft's sensors to a safe touchdown zone.