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Amazon to fill gaps in Prime service

07 May 2016

Amazon's same-day delivery service, Prime, is under revamp following complaints that the company failed to provide service to poor, minority neighbourhoods.

According to a Bloomberg report yesterday, the retail giant would bring same-day delivery service to all Zip Codes in the 27 cities where it was offered, not just in the wealthier areas.

The move comes after a Bloomberg analysis of Amazon's same-day delivery service revealed that many residents of heavily minority neighbourhoods had no access to the service.

For instance, in Boston, the service was found to have ignored the lower-income Roxbury neighbourhood, which prompted senator Ed Markey, Democrat of Massachusetts to send a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to complain of unequal treatment of its customers.

The company had promised to rectify this and said it was working with its logistics partners to bring Prime to those areas (See: Amazon to launch same-day delivery service in minority dominated Boston neighbourhood ).

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