Air India gears up to go green

National air-carrier, Air India, plans to emerge as the  country's first green airline and has been taking steps in the direction since a couple of years, a senior official said.
Outlining the process, the airline's quality management systems head, Harpreet A De Singh, told PTI, the carrier was committed to going green and as part of the process it intended to introduce a documentation management system and aims to go electronic with an e-filing system to cut down on our use of paper.

The policy would provide sufficient resources to meet environmental objectives through continuous measuring, monitoring, reporting and improvements in environmental performance.

The corporate environment policy seeks to cut carbon emission, noise and other forms of pollution as also reduce fuel consumption and other natural resources.

She said the company would implement its e-filing system in critical areas by June this year and in about a year's time, the carrier would implement it in the entire company. She added that orders had already been placed for procurement of hardware and software for the system.

She said the airline would go paperless except for areas where it is legally required to use paper.

In addition to implementing the Fuel Gap Analysis along with International Air Transport Association (IATA) two years ago, it has also introduced various measures to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emission.