Air India sacks more employees, invites further union action

The Air India management, which sacked 15 employees yesterday extended punitive action against the workers who went on a flash strike by sacking another 41 employees and suspending 24 others today.

This along with the de-recognition of the two unions which led the stir - the Air Corporation Employees' Union (ACEU) and the All-India Aircraft Engineers' Association (AIAEA), by the management of the National Aviation Company of India Ltd (NACIL), the holding company of Air India, is likely to bring more trouble for the ailing national carrier.

The Air India management is reported to have sacked a total of 58 employees, including the 15 sacked yesterday. The management also sacked all office-bearers of the Air Corporation Employees Union (ACEU) and All India Aircraft Engineers Association (AIAEA).

The unions have accused the airline's management of resorting to unfair practices and have threatened to go back on another strike from 12 June.
Dinakar Reddy, leader of the banned ACEU, said the workers are waiting for an official communication on the termination of employment.

Meanwhile, the airline has restored most of the flights cancelled due to the flash strike. Air India's international flights as also other flights out of Mumbai are back to normal while the backlog out of Delhi are expected to be normal by evening today.

Air India had to cancel a total of 130 flights affecting over 13,000 passengers.

Furious over the continued punitive action by the management, the employee unions have, reportedly, sent notice to the Air India management, threatening fresh strikine action.

The management is also reported to have filed caveats in some courts to prevent any ex-parte decision if the unions challenge the step.