Railways log highest-ever electrification of more than 6,000 route km in FY21

Indian Railways recorded the highest ever route electrification in a year with 6,015 route kilometres electrified in the 2020-21 financial year, also showing a 37 per cent jump year-on-year.

With cumulative electrification of 45,881 RKM, the Railways has achieved 71 per cent overall electrification by 31 March 2021. Nearly 34 per cent of total rail electrification has been completed in the last three years alone.
Despite the restrictions related to Covid pandemic, Railways has surpassed the previous record of 5,276 RKM achieved in 2018-19.
With this, Indian Railways is also becoming environment friendly and energy secured to that extent.
The broad gauge network of Indian Railways is 63,949 route kilometer (RKM) and, along with 740 km of Konkan Railway, it is 64,689 RKM, out of which 45,881 RKM, ie, 71 per cent have been electrified by 31 March 2021.
A lot of emphasis has been given to railway electrification in recent years with a view to reduce the nation's dependence on imported petroleum-based energy and to enhance the country's energy security, with a vision of providing eco-friendly, faster and energy-efficient mode of transportation.
More than 5 times electrification was achieved during (2014-21) last seven years as compared to 2007-14. Since 2014, a record 24,080 RKM (37 per cent of present broad gauge routes) have been electrified against electrification of 4,337 RKM (7 per cent of present broad gauge routes) during 2007-14.
Indian Railways has also commissioned a record 56 TSSs (Traction Sub Stations) during 2020-21, as against the previous best of 42, which is an improvement of 33 per cent, despite the Covid pandemic.
A total of 201 Traction Sub Stations have been commissioned during the last seven years as well.
Some of the major sections electrified by the Indian Railways over the year are: 
1.   Mumbai-Howrah via Jabalpur
2.   Delhi-Darbhanga-Jaynagar
3.   Gorakhpur-Varanasi via Aunrihar
4.    Jabalpur-Nainpur-Gondia- Ballarshah
5.    Chennai-Trichy
6.    Indore-Guna-Gwalior-Amritsar
7.    Delhi-Jaipur-Udaipur
8.    New Delhi-New coochbehar-Srirampur Assam via Patna & Katihar
9.     Ajmer-Howrah
10.   Mumbai-Marwar
11.   Delhi-Moradabad-Tanakpur
The Railways has planned to fully electrify its tracks by December 2023.
Total Rail electrification would contribute to the goal of “net zero” emissions by 2030 by drawing its entire electrical load from renewable energy sources.