US judge allows Yahoo to be sued for 2013 data hacks

13 Mar 2018

A US judge says victims of the massive data breaches that exposed 3 billion email accounts in 2013, can sue Yahoo

Canadian pleads guilty to collaborating with Russian agents in 2014 Yahoo hack

29 Nov 2017

Yahoo now says all 3 billion accounts breached in 2013 hack

04 Oct 2017

Verizon completes $4.5bn acquisition of Yahoo

14 Jun 2017

Yahoo will now join the newly-created Verizon subsidiary Oath that houses over 50 media and technology brands

CEO Mayer to earn $186 mn from sale to Verizon

26 Apr 2017

US charges four with masterminding 2014 Yahoo breach

16 Mar 2017

US regulators to indict Yahoo hack attackers

15 Mar 2017

Marissa Mayer to forfeit millions in bonus, stocks over security lapses

02 Mar 2017

SEC conducting probe into Yahoo security breaches

23 Jan 2017

Marissa Mayer, others to quit Yahoo after it becomes ‘Altaba’

10 Jan 2017

Yahoo chief executive officer Marissa Mayer, co-founder David Filo and others plan to resign from the company's board when it completes its $4.8 billion sale to Verizon

Verizon rethinking $4.8-bn Yahoo deal over data breaches

16 Dec 2016

Verizon Communications Inc is looking at ways to modify its $4.8-billion deal to buy Yahoo Inc's core internet business after the technology company disclosed a second massive data breach

SC seeks response from search engines, FB on rape videos

06 Dec 2016

Yahoo scanned incoming emails at US government behest: report

21 Oct 2016

Yahoo data breach could affect Verizon deal: Verizon executive

15 Oct 2016

Verizon pushing for $1-bn discount on deal to buy Yahoo

07 Oct 2016

Verizon feels that Yahoo’s value has been diminished by the recent disclosures that its users’ accounts had not only been hacked by outsiders but also secretly scanned by Yahoo itself for US security agencies

Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer kept secrets from security team: report

05 Oct 2016

Yahoo under cloud for searching all users’ mail on NSA plea

05 Oct 2016

Some surveillance experts said this represents the first case to surface of a US internet company agreeing to an intelligence agency's request by searching all arriving messages, as opposed to examining stored messages or scanning a small number of accounts in real time

Yahoo Inc sued for gross negligence in 2014 hack

24 Sep 2016

Yahoo 2014 hack much worse than expected

23 Sep 2016

Yahoo looking into claims of 200 mn hacked accounts being on sale

03 Aug 2016

Tumblr users can now make cash from ads on their blogs

28 Jul 2016

Verizon to buy Yahoo's operating business for $4.83 bn

25 Jul 2016

Yahoo launched an auction of its core business in February after shelving plans to spin off its stake in Alibaba as pressure from activist investor Starboard Value LP mounted

Verizon close to finalising deal to buy Yahoo’s internet businesses for around $5 bn

23 Jul 2016

US telecom giant Verizon, run by CEO Lowell McAdam, plans to buy Yahoo’s web assets and integrate it into its fledgling digital media business, which includes AOL properties it acquired last year

Yahoo Q2 profit dives 64%, revenue falls 15%

19 Jul 2016

Yahoo Mail adds new features, including 'Undo Sent

08 Jul 2016