Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs predicts early policy easing by banks in India and Australia following the Federal Reserve's lead

18 Dec 2023

In a surprising turn of events, central banks across the Asia-Pacific region, from India to Australia, are poised to initiate interest rate cuts earlier than initially projected, influenced by the Federal Reserve’s hastened easing cycle, as suggested by Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

Tech giant Apple set to break ties with Goldman Sachs for credit card business

29 Nov 2023

Apple has decided to terminate its credit card partnership with banking giant Goldman Sachs. Apple had sent a proposal to the Wall Street Bank to end the contract in the next 12 to 15 months.

Goldman Sachs announces promotion of 608 new managing directors, a decrease from 2021 numbers

03 Nov 2023

In a recent development, Goldman Sachs, the renowned Wall Street firm, announced its plan to promote 608 executives to the position of managing director in 2023.

Goldman Sachs to cut over 3,000 jobs as revenues shrink

09 Jan 2023

Assistant to Goldman Sachs Group co-president charged with stealing over $1.2 mn worth rare wine from his boss

18 Jan 2018

Goldman to take $5bn hit from new tax regime, but gain ultimately

30 Dec 2017

As a result of the new tax changes introduced by President Trump, Goldman Sachs expects to report a loss for the last quarter of 2017, even though ultimately banks will be among the largest beneficiaries of the new tax code

Bitcoin a vehicle to commit fraud: Goldman’s Blankfein

01 Dec 2017

Goldman Sachs Group taking a closer look at Bitcoin

03 Oct 2017

Goldman Sachs CEO warns Brexit could stall London as financial centre

05 May 2017

Goldman Sachs launches personal loan service for small customers

15 Oct 2016

Consumers can take an unsecured no-fee, no-frills loan up to $30,000 for two to six years, at fixed interest rates depending on their credit score, history, and the tenure

Goldman sees $7-10 rise in oil, calls OPEC cuts ‘self-defeating’

29 Sep 2016

EC ex-chief José Barroso's Goldman Sachs appointment leads to mas ire

30 Aug 2016

Goldman Sachs hires former EC president Barroso as non-executive chairman

09 Jul 2016

Goldman Sachs and other US investment banks are seen to the especially vulnerable to Brexit as they  had relied on the EU's "passporting" regime that allowed them to offer services across the bloc with most of the staff and operations based in the UK

Urban mass to drive Indian consumption growth: Goldman

02 Jun 2016

Goldman Sachs launches net-based savings bank, GS Bank

26 Apr 2016

Goldman Sachs to pay $5.06 bn to settle securities fraud charges

12 Apr 2016

Goldman Sachs, Wall Street's most profitable bank, which had earlier vigorously denied of any wrongdoing in the securities fraud case, is still paying far less than the hefty $13.3-billion imposed on mortgage giant JPMorgan

Pound could crash by 20% with UK’s EU exit: Goldman Sachs

05 Feb 2016

Goldman Sachs buys stake in Samhi Hotels for $66 mn

05 Jan 2016

Goldman Sachs worker used inside information to make half a million in illicit profits: SEC

26 Nov 2015

Goldman Sachs offers faster promotions to retain junior bankers

06 Nov 2015

RCAM to acquire Goldman Sachs’ India mutual fund for Rs243 cr

21 Oct 2015

Copycat China now has its own Goldman Sachs!

27 Aug 2015

A staffer at the Chinese finance company named Goldman Sachs today claimed any similarity to the multi-billion-dollar US investment giant was unintentional

Goldman to buy GE bank’s $16-bn of deposits

14 Aug 2015

Earlier this year, GE announced plans to divest the bulk of its banking operations to simplify its business and focus on its core operations

Stress test results could jeopardise Goldman’s profit source

09 Mar 2015

Goldman commodities gambit pays off

17 Jan 2015