Meta CEO Zuckerberg sells over 560,000 shares amid stock surge

05 Dec 2023

Meta’s Chief Executive, Mark Zuckerberg, has offloaded a significant number of shares despite the social media giant’s stock surging to nearly a two-year peak in November 2023.

Meta strikes a deal with Tencent to launch a low-cost VR headset in China

10 Nov 2023

In an effort to re-enter the Chinese market, Meta Platforms has reportedly reached a preliminary deal with Tencent Holdings to introduce a new, budget-friendly virtual reality (VR) headset in China

How will the new rule changes by the European Commission affect the tech giants?

07 Sep 2023

On Wednesday, 6 September 2023, the European Commission unveiled a list of service providers that meet the criteria for inclusion within the scope

Facebook rebrands itself as Meta; broadens reach to new areas

01 Nov 2021

While Meta will offer other products and services, including Facebook Messenger, Facebook Watch, and Facebook Portal, the change will not apply to its individual platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp

WhatsApp challenges India’s customer protection rules

26 May 2021

In public, however, the IT giants Facebook and Google have adopted a non-confrontationist posture, saying they are trying to comply with the rules

Australia to make Facebook, Google pay for local news content

03 Aug 2020

Facebook agrees to pay £500,000 UK fine over Cambridge Analytica scandal

30 Oct 2019

Visa, MasterCard, eBay too ditch Facebook’s digital currency consortium

14 Oct 2019

US, UK and Australia seek keys to Facebook’s encrypted messages

04 Oct 2019

Facebook, which expanded the use of encryption following global criticism for its failure to protect the data of its users, now faces government demand to allow snooping operations

US FTC slaps $5 billion fine on Facebook

25 Jul 2019

While two Democrats on the FTC demanded a fine of $10 billion on FB, the three Republicans stood firm and imposed just $5 billion fine on the social network

Facebook removes ISI-backed Congress party accounts, pages

01 Apr 2019

Facebook said it is removing 687 pages associated with the Congress party, including 103 accounts linked to individuals working for the publicity division of Pakistan’s military establishment, or the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR)

On Facebook and Twitter your privacy is at risk -- even if you don't have an account

22 Jan 2019

Some Facebook users perceive worsening physical health

08 Jan 2019

In the first study of its kind reveals Facebook use is linked to perceptions of worsening physical health, new research from the University of Surrey, reports

Alcohol ads with pro-drinking comments on Facebook boost desire to drink

14 Nov 2018

WhatsApp working with state agencies to curb 'sinister' messages

23 Aug 2018

Facebook asks US banks to share customer data; plays down privacy fears

07 Aug 2018

Facebook has had discussions with JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citigroup and US Bancorp in the past year about sharing customers' financial data to enhance its Messenger texting platform

Facebook sees bid to influence US mid-term polls, deletes 32 accounts

01 Aug 2018

Facebook said on Tuesday it had identified a political influence campaign that was potentially built to disrupt the mid-term elections, and removed pages and fake accounts that had engaged in activity around divisive social issues

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg under pressure from shareholders

30 Jul 2018

Facebook eager to launch WhatsApp Payments app in India: Zuckerberg

27 Jul 2018

Zuckerberg loses $16.8 bn as Facebook stock plunges 21%

26 Jul 2018

Thinking about quitting Facebook? There's a demographic analysis for that

24 Jul 2018

New research shows Facebook users are more likely to be older, female, higher-income earners, married and ideologically liberal; study also reveals socioeconomic inequalities in Facebook use and non-use

Google, FB, Microsoft, Twitter join hands for Data Transfer Project

21 Jul 2018

Google says the project will let users ‘transfer data directly from one service to another, without needing to download and re-upload it’, with Microsoft adding that ‘portability and interoperability are central to cloud innovation and competition

Facebook may have shared data with Airtel, Jio’s Saavn, 50 others

04 Jul 2018

Facebook’s submission to the US Congress reveals details of 52 companies with which it had data-sharing partnerships and deals, including Airtel and Reliance Jio’s music app Saavn, though the deal with Airtel is no longer in force

Facebook reveals it shared data with 52 companies, including Chinese firms

02 Jul 2018

Facebook bug changed privacy settings of 14 mn users

08 Jun 2018