Delphi to showcase latest technologies at 9th Auto Expo 2008

By Our Corporate Bureau | 03 Jan 2008


US automotive components giant  Delphi Corporation has announced its participation at the forthcoming 9th Auto Expo 2008 in New Delhi from 11 January 2008, to showcase its new navigation and safety products.

Delphi plans to display its dual view GPS navigation system, advanced engine management systems for cars and two-wheelers, gasoline direct injection (GDI) systems, compact flex zone HVAC module, alternate refrigerant solutions, waferised joint connectors for smaller, more efficient electrical / electronic architecture, ultra-thin wall halogen-free light weight cables, neatly packaged battery monitors for better electronics and lower fuel consumption, data connectivity hubs for multiple consumer interfaces, innovative products for better interior aesthetics, enhanced vehicle security, consumer safety and accident prevention products.

Delphi India plans to significantly expand its product portfolio, enhance the capacity of its chosen facilities and introduce new product lines and consumer oriented electronics products to support customers in India and improve its competitiveness.

"Delphi is very excited about the growth opportunities in the Indian market," said Choon T Chon, vice president, Delphi Corporation and president, Delphi Asia-Pacific. "We are committed to growing our business with both domestic and international original equipment manufacturers. To realise this growth potential, our company is going to rationalise and expand its product portfolio, product and applications engineering and manufacturing capability. Our exhibit at Auto Expo will showcase a new comprehensive technology portfolio relevant for the India market."

Ashok Ramaswamy, managing director, Delphi India, said, "The Indian market has changed considerably in the past few years in terms of the consumer requirements and OEMs wanting new technologies in the areas of safety, entertainment, comfort and convenience. In addition, Indian OEMs continue to expand their exports from India to other markets. That presents some challenges as those vehicles must meet the regulatory requirements of various overseas markets. This is where Delphi's significant presence in these markets and its advanced electronics and product portfolio can make it an attractive supplier to partner with."

Delphi's electronics & safety division will present its new navigation systems range that include integrated dual-view display that enables front seat passengers to watch video that the driver cannot view. The dual-view display system comes with features such as intuitive 7-inch touch screen interface, voice recorder, DVD-R, DVD-VX. The touch-sensitive instruction panel displays different images and controls to the driver and the front-seat passenger using Delphi's 'Driver/Passenger discrimination technology'.

Also on display will be products from Delphi's passive safety portfolio and the much-desired 'Active Safety' products that are designed to help prevent the accident from occurring and reduce injury if a crash can't be avoided.

Delphi's powertrain systems division will showcase Engine Management Systems for Multiple Fuel Applications, new, high-performance Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) system for cars and Multec Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) for two-wheelers. Delphi Powertrain products will help Indian OE manufacturers adopt new, efficient fuel management and Alternate Fuel technologies to provide better fuel economy.

Delphi thermal systems will feature an Alternate Refrigerant Solution that it is developing to help fulfill the new air conditioning refrigerant emissions legislation and are also suitable for a wide range of climates and cost structures.

Delphi's product and service solutions division (DPSS) will put on display several in-car entertainment products including the X-Line Radios and Carcine Top Vision 730 Mobile Multimedia range from Delphi Grundig.

The Delphi Packard electrical / electronic architecture (E/EA) display at the Auto Expo will include a mix of products that enable better connectivity with external interfaces, and products that facilitate miniaturization and more eco-friendly electronics and electrical / electronic systems.

Delphi Packard E/EA helps manufacture greener, more eco-friendly vehicles that require lesser quantities of raw materials to produce, are more fuel efficient and are easy to reclaim once they are no longer in use.

US-based Delphi Corporation operates 159 wholly owned manufacturing sites in 36 countries with sales of $26.4 billion in 2006. It is a leading supplier of mobile electronics and transportation systems, including powertrain, safety, steering, thermal, and controls and security systems, electrical / electronic architecture, and in-car entertainment technologies. Delphi technology is also found in computing, communications, consumer electronics, energy and medical applications.

Delphi has been present in India as a wholly owned subsidiary since 1995. It operates through four manufacturing facilities located in Bangalore, NOIDA, Gurgaon and Manesar, and one technical centre in Bangalore.

Delphi's key customers in India include Maruti Udyog Ltd, Tata Motors Ltd, and Mahindra & Mahindra, among others.

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