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Russia, India to advance FGFA fighter programme with new agreements news
18 December 2009

Over the coming weeks India and Russia plan to sign several agreements aimed at deepening their co-operation on the PAK-FA fifth-generation fighter programme, which in India is referred to as the Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA) programme.

Sukhoi design bureau officials have been at pains in recent days to emphasise that there are no points of disagreement with their Indian counterparts and that all is well with the joint venture.

"The joint venture is going very well," Alexander Klementiev, vice-president and deputy director-general at Sukhoi Aviation Holding, told Flight magazine. "We cannot go into the specifics of where we are, but both parties are happy now. In a few weeks, we will sign a few more agreements that will allow an even deeper partnership."

Klementiev stressed that Russia attached great importance to its partnership with India on all fronts. Delays notwithstanding, he stressed, it was a good relationship.

Commenting on reports that Indian scientists and engineers may be unhappy with the level of access they have been given on the PAK-FA programme, he said that there was "no major issue".

Agreements in the coming weeks would address issues related to transfer of technology related to the programme.

India and Russia entered into an agreement in 2007 for the development of a two-seater derivative of the PAK-FA fifth generation stealth fighter for the Indian Air Force. The Russian version is a single-seater.

The first flight of the PAK-FA prototype has been delayed to 2010.

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Russia, India to advance FGFA fighter programme with new agreements