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India, 25 nations condemn EU airline tax as unacceptable news
01 October 2011

New Delhi: The European Union's plans to impose a tax on the aviation sector has run into rough weather with a group of 25 countries, including India, the US, China, Japan and Russia, jointly condemning the plan as unacceptable.

Airlines from around the world that use EU airspace will become applicable for the proposals of the EU's Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) from January. The ETS is an environmental levy that also becomes applicable to the aviation sector from 2012.

India hosted the two-day meeting of aviation representatives in Delhi that ended with a joint declaration expressing their views. The Indian government will send a demarche to the European Union on behalf of the countries that met in Delhi next week with a copy of the joint declaration, said civil aviation secretary Nasim Zaidi.

''It's one voice, one language,'' Zaidi said after the summit. ''Aviation (emissions) is a global problem and therefore there has to be a global solution. There cannot be a regional or a country-wise solution. All countries opposed the EU proposal. They have pointed out several illegalities. It is inconsistent of the international legal regime''

Under the planned Emission Trading Scheme (ETS), airlines using EU airspace will have to pay a fee for carbon emissions that exceed a set cap and the levy will be passed on to passengers.

The countries that met in Delhi included Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Egypt, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Paraguay, Peru, the Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and the US.

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India, 25 nations condemn EU airline tax as unacceptable