New policy on the anvil for allotment of parking slots at major airports

New Delhi: The government is framing a new policy on allocating night parking slots to airlines, which may result in start-up airlines, such as Kingfisher, SpiceJet and IndiGo finding more parking slots at major airports such as Mumbai and Delhi. The new policy may also see unused parking slots being taken back from older airlines.

Older airlines, such as Jet Airways and Air India, have reserved additional parking slots at major airports, which lie unused for any number of reasons. Newer airlines have to park their aircraft in other cities at night due to unavailability of space at major airports. They then burn extra fuel in reaching these cities in the morning, as most of the flights originate from here.

Government officials have confirmed that new guidelines are being framed for night-parking slots. The new policy may see slots being alloted to airlines on the basis of their fleet size. If airlines fail to induct aircraft for a slot, the space would be alloted to other carriers.