International aviation industry heads pledge to address climate action

Geneva: International aviation industry heads signed a declaration on Tuesday that pledges to address the industry's impact on climate change, though it avoids setting targets to reduce carbon emissions.

The declaration was signed by 16 industry groups along with the world's two biggest aircraft manufacturers, Boeing Co and Airbus.

The declaration commits aviation companies to develop new technologies with the aim of achieving carbon-free travel. This takes into consideration the fact that airlines contribute more than 2% of the carbon dioxide emissions that fuel global warming.

The declaration also asks for better utilisation of airspace and the creation of an emissions trading scheme that is controlled by the industry.

Meanwhile, Boeing Co and Airbus said their agreement would see them work together to modernize global air traffic management. The initiative would be part of an overall effort to cut the industry's impact on the environment.

The companies, according to a statement issued by top aircraft executives, said that both the companies would seek to speed up improvements to the world's air transportation management system in order to increase efficiency and eliminate traffic congestion.

The agreement was signed by Boeing's Scott Carson and Airbus's Tom Enders on the sidelines of the third Aviation and Environmental Summit in Geneva.