Air India agreeable to launching air service to Kargil

Srinagar: Air India has decided to press a 45-seat aircraft into service on the newly launched Kargil sector. The air service will be run on the pattern of services in the north east of the country in order to make it economically viable.

Modalities for operating the proposed air service to Kargil were discussed at a high level meeting held under the chairmanship of minister for transport Qamar Ali Akhoon.

Akhoon said the proposed air service would be commercially feasible in view of heavy rush of passengers especially during the winter months when the district remains cut off due to heavy snowfall.

It was felt that on an average about 50 passengers would avail of the service. The minister also felt that the service, apart from providing round the year air connectivity, would also help exploit the tourism potential of the district.

It was mentioned that ATR-42 aircraft would be able to operate from Kargil. The basic infrastructure for air services, including metrological support, was already in place at Kargil airport.

It was decided that all modalities in this regard would be finalized at a meeting with the union civil aviation minister and the Airport Authority of India at New Delhi shortly.