Bangalore Bengaluru International Airport to open on 11 May 2008

The Bangalore International Airport Ltd (BIAL) has said that the new date for launch of services at the Bengaluru International Airport will be 11 May 2008. It made this announcement in response to a communication received from the ministry of civil aviation, which asked it to fix a new date after 10 May 2008.

The launch was delayed because of late installation of Air Traffic Control (ATC) services, which did not allow Airports Authority of India personnel sufficient time to operate and familiarise themselves with the equipment.

The BIAL statement also says that it is clearly disappointed with the delay especially as its employees and all its partners have been working tirelessly to launch Bengaluru International Airport on schedule on 30 March 2008.

It also said that BIAL would hold an event to showcase the new airport on 28 March 2008, which will show the state of readiness of airport infrastructure.