AirAsia India's first Airbus A320 lands in Chennai

AirAsia India's first aircraft, an Airbus A320, landed at Chennai airport this morning. It flew in from France via Turkey abd landed in Chennai at 9.11 am.

AirAsiaAir Asia India has got 'in-principle' approval to import 10 Airbus A-320 planes. The new airline in the Indian skies is a joint venture between Malaysia-based low-cost carrier AirAsia, the Tata Group, and the Arun Bhatia-led Telstra Tradeplace.

As the fledgling airline has announced earlier, it will be based in Chennai and largely look to provide air services between India's smaller towns, starting with the peninsular parts of the country.

An airline spokesperson said that the flight had landed at the airport. A press release from Airbus said that "AirAsia India has taken delivery of its first A320 aircraft which is equipped with `sharklets'.

The new airline will eventually take delivery of another nine aircraft for its initial fleet of ten A320 planes. Powered by CFM engines, the aircraft are configured in an all economy layout with 180 seats.

AirAsia India chief executive officer Mittu Chandilya said, "We are fully confident that with our new A320 fleet we will provide the Indian passenger the service and convenient travel options already offered by the AirAsia group elsewhere in the region.

''Indian domestic traffic is growing at an impressive rate and our well established and successful business model suits the market."