Etihad Airways launches online mapping tool

Messaging new contacts, arranging meetings, and becoming more productive while travelling just got easier - thanks to a new online mapping tool developed by Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways, in cooperation with professional network LinkedIn.

According to the carrier, the 'Etihad Mapped-Out' tool offered professionals on LinkedIn the ability to search their connections by geographical location and see them displayed on a map making it easier for business travellers to connect with their global network of contacts as they travelled, reports PTI.

The airline said, LinkedIn members could enter search parameters based on geographical area, industries of interest; and first- and / or second-degree connections, PTI reported.

The search results would serve up a personalised map of the member's LinkedIn connections, with a listing of business contacts within the region.

Peter Baumgartner, Etihad Airways chief commercial officer, said as a global airline, Etihad Airways connected points and people from across the globe, so its Etihad Mapped-Out toll which tapped into LinkedIn's global audience of over 200 million was an extension of that mission.

Baumgartner said that this tool is particularly useful for guests travelling for business and can use this tool to see immediate contacts in the region as well as second-degree contacts, ahead of a trip.

He added, this fostered more effective networking and greater opportunity to create connections across international boundaries. He added the airline was always looking for ways to enable its guests to get more out of their travel experience.