LOT pushes for compensation from Boeing over Dreamliner grounding

Boeing Co came under increased pressure from the 787 Dreamliner fleet grounding as LOT Polish Airlines SA pressed ahead with compensation claims and Thomson Airways promised refunds for passengers shunted onto older planes.

LOT, the first European carrier to receive 787s, has demanded payment by end June, according to Poland's treasury minister Mikolaj Budzanowski who was interviewed by Polskie Radio 3 today.

According to UK-based Thomson, 787 flights planned for May and June would be carried out using older Boeing 767s, and that passengers who paid extra to fly on the new jet would be reimbursed.

Thomson spokewoman, Grace Jones wrote in an email that the carrier would ensure, that it was adequately compensated for the situation it was faced with.

She added, a number of 767 leases had been extended and other fleet adjustments had been made within the TUI Travel Plc group to deal with the gap.

According to Thomson, it was ''disappointed'' that the US planemaker had not issued a new delivery time line. It added, passengers would also be allowed to reschedule travel plans.