Kingfisher pilots threaten to strike work from today

Pilots of cash-strapped Kingfisher Airlines, which has been operating a skeletal schedule, threatened to strike work from tomorrow as part of mass agitation for immediate disbursal of salaries.

A section of the engineers of the Vijay Mallya-promoted airline failed to report for work on Wednesday and has since then not ben attending duty over non-payment of monthly dues since March.

If the threat from the pilots were to transform into reality it would be the first time when pilots from both Delhi and Mumbai would be staging a sit-in at the same time. Before this only one section had gone on strike.

PTI quoted a source among the pilots as saying that all Kingfisher Airline pilots had had threatened to strike work over non-payment of salaries since March.

The airline management had so long managed to prevent a mass agitation by paying salaries to select sections of people.

Another pilot told PTI that enough was enough and the management could no longer play the divide and rule policy to serve its purpose. He added, all the pilots were now united on the issue and had taken the decision.