Kingfisher's flying licence could be cancelled

With the ground being prepared for suspension of the operating licence of Kingfisher Airlines, the curtain may be falling on the saga of the high profile carrier only a few years after it flew for the first time.

The action would mean that the airline would have to stop operating its scheduled flights.

According to official sources quoted by The Hindu newspaper, a show-cause notice as to why the airline's licence should not be suspended for flouting licence conditions was issued to Kingfisher at the end of January.

The rules require that the airline reply within 15 days of the notice being sent to it, but it failed to do so.

Citing sources the report said the airline's not adhering to the various recovery plans that it had submitted to the Directorate-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and its inability to pay salaries to its employees and maintain its approved schedule were some of the key reasons for considering suspending the airline's operating licence.