Lufthansa to cut 15 per cent administration jobs to reduce costs

A spokesman of the Cologne-based, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, the recession hit carrier said that the company intends making a significant reduction in its back-office administrative costs over he next three-year period.

The carrier said in a statement on Sunday that the economic crisis has forced it to look at ways to cut expenditure in the administration department at its headquarters.

According to a Sunday report in the German newspaper, Handelsblatt, the carrier would trim 15 per cent of the jobs in the administration department by 2012. The spokesman however refused to confirm the figures adding that there had been no mention of the proposed lay-off in the company's plan announce in its last week's employee bulletin.

The spokesman said that the carrier had like other airlines across the world been hit by the lower demand for air travel and rising fuel prices and added that the savings planned for this time are distinct from the proposals announced in July which included the elimination of a around 400 Lufthansa administrative jobs applicable to the passenger division.