Boeing employee files harassment suit against Air India

Washington: Embroiled in employee agitations and a desperate attempt to garner government funds aimed at bailing it out from financial bankruptcy, flag carrier Air India has some more bad news coming its way – this time from foreign shores. A US district court in Washington State has issued summons to the merged carrier in a multi-million dollar law suit filed by a former manager and senior instructor pilot of the Boeing Company.

In his law suit Anthony P Keyter has sought restitution and amends from Air India for allegedly violating aviation laws, adversely affecting flight safety.

According to Keyter, in his capacity as a senior instructor pilot, he was posted in India for two and a half months in 2005 as part of the Boeing team's programme to train Air India pilots. In his law suit he says that during his stay of two and a half months in India, Keyter "observed habitual violations of the aviation laws by Air India", having an adverse impact upon flight safety, endangering the lives of passengers.

"These violations occurred at the behest of Air India's operational management and many of them with the full knowledge and sanction of V Thulasidas, chairman and managing director of Air India at that time," it said.

Keyter alleges that he was subject to harassment, and the Boeing Company instituted unwarranted disciplinary action against him for submitting the safety report to Air India which brought to light such violations.

Air India has placed orders worth more than $11 billion with the company.