Air India re-instates discount fares on late night flights

New Delhi: In keeping with its campaign to lower fares across various sectors, domestic and international, in a bid to attract passengers, flag carrier Air India has re-instated discounted fares for late night services. It had withdrawn this facility last year, on 28 December, saying passengers had enough options to fly with merged partner Indian.

Air India makes the discount available on the domestic leg of an international flight.

Late night fares will offer a discount of 25 per cent over the rate charged for flying on the same sector during the day. Discounted fares will now be available on a one-way or return journey in economy class, on flights operating between 11 pm and 5 am.

This time slot, for long, has been an Air India exclusive with no competing services available. The earliest start provided by any private operator is at 5 am, when low fare carrier, SpiceJet, commences services for the day.