Air India to launch nation-wide cargo services from 1 July

Nagpur: Flag carrier, Air India, is set to launch expanded cargo operations within the country from 1 July and its new extended operations will connect six major important destinations, according to a  top airline official.

The national carrier said that it has completed conversion of four of its Boeing 737 aircraft which will now be pressed into service on routes from Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad from 1 July. The destinations will be connected with Nagpur, which will act as the hub for all cargo operations.

According to Air India, airports director, IJK Dhas, the cargo service will be identical to the night air mail service which used to be in operation 45 years ago, which allowed the department of posts to exchange parcel-bags.

The first cargo flight from Kolkata will arrive at 2 am and return with cargo at 3.40 am. The second flight from Mumbai will land here at 2.20 am, followed by another from Delhi at 2.25 am. The last flight from Chennai-via-Bangalore and Hyderabad will arrive at 2.45 am. After exchanging cargo all four flights will return to their original destinations.

The operation will run six-days a week with a break on Monday.

Each aircraft has a payload of 12 to 15 tonnes.