Air travel levels in India even less than in Sri Lanka and Pakistan: Assocham report

A report by Indian trade body, the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham) reveals that aviation is yet to penetrate at a faster pace amongst Indians. In a startling finding the report points out that air penetration levels in India are even lower than that of its neighbours Sri Lanka and Pakistan, and also that of countries with a poorer GDP, like Ethiopia and Nigeria.

According to the  report, the lack of penetration being achieved by India's aviation industry is revealed by the fact that, on an average, only 30 trips in a year are made by 1000 Indians accustomed to traveling by air make, which compares very poorly against 65 trips made in China by a similar number of travellers and 2300 trips made in the United States.

The Assocham paper, 'Air Travels between India & the World,' says that this country is not only one of the least penetrated markets for air travel but also amongst the most expensive in the world.

According to Assocham president, Venugopal N Dhoot, smaller counties like Malaysia with about 1/50th of India's population fly more passengers per annum than India and even in Sri Lanka and Pakistan, the average air travel is estimated at 30-35, as against 30 made in India.

According to Dhoot, the basic reason for this lack of advance achieved by the aviation industry in India is the absence of proper infrastructure including international airports, domestic aerodrome conveniences and air control and navigational facilities.