Air India may defer 787 Dreamliner deliveries

Faced with a massive cash crunch, state-owned Air India, slated to become the second operator of Boeing's 787 Dreamliner after All Nippon Airways (ANA), may be mulling deferring deliveries of the aircraft, reports suggest.

Staggering under a mountain of debt and falling market share the state-owned carrier has reportedly been mulling cancellation of the entire order of 27 Dreamliners, but, reports suggest, this option may now have been ruled out.

Boeing has promised first delivery of the aircraft to Air India in the fourth quarter of this year.

Air India, which has been haemorrhaging money, is desperately running from pillar to post seeking finances for its operations and debt servicing.

While Air India sources deny any such move to cancel 787 orders, Boeing officials are not available for comment.

Boeing may be only too pleased with such an outcome as other airlines are desperate to receive deliveries as early as possible.