Wait-listed 1st class Rajdhani passengers can now fly AI

Air India on Tuesday said it will offer 'Super Fares' seats to wait-listed First Class passengers on the Rajdhani Express who are unable to get confirmed berths, at a price equivalent to first class fares in the train.

''Under the scheme, passengers can book the tickets four hours prior to the flight departure at a fare which is equivalent to that of Rajdhani Express (1A),'' it said in a statement.

The airline said passengers can avail an all-inclusive economy class one way fare on select domestic routes from 26 June to 30 September.

At present, 21 Rajdhani Express trains run across the Indian Railways network and close to 20,000 passengers travel with the train on daily basis.

The airline said thousands of passengers are unable to get confirmed tickets due to non-availability of seats.

''We will bridge this gap as passengers can book the tickets through Air India booking offices or from www.airindia.com and reach their destination at the same cost of Rajdhani Express, but in much less time,'' the airline said.

While booking the tickets through Air India website, customers need to apply promo code 'SPOT', it said.