Runway reconstruction affect International flights from Mumbai

Due to repair and reconstruction work on a runway that will be taken up from next week, Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) will remain closed for six hours on Tuesdays, according to an airport official. Normal operation is not expected to be restored over the next 22 weeks the official added.

The work at the intersection of the main runway and the alternative runway will be carried out between 12 noon and 6 pm.

The CSIA has advised all affected airlines to reschedule their incoming and outgoing flights to Mumbai according to the official.

The airport was last closed for a prolonged period in 2003.

Only Jet and Kingfisher airlines operate between noon and 6 pm and on Tuesdays and according to information have already rescheduled a number of their flights, which include a few operations on the domestic sector and a couple of flights on the Mumbai-London and Mumbai-Singapore sectors.

The work will however not affect the operations of smaller aircraft like ATRs, Boeing 737s, Airbus-319 and Airbus-320 which will be able to take off and land normally the official said.

Meanwhile airport authorities are keeping keeping a close watch for emergencies and airline passengers traveling on Tuesdays have been instructed to strictly adhere to check-in timings to avoid missing flights.

Airlines have also be advised to follow the timings of all incoming and outgoing services at least an hour prior and after the closure timings to avoid diversions to other airports like Pune or Ahmedabad.