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Brazil calls off search for AF Flight 447 crash victims news
27 June 2009

The Brazilian military has said it was calling off the search for bodies of passengers and crew from the Air France Flight 447 that crashed into the Atlantic earlier this month, claiming it was unlikely that any more bodies would be found.

Search teams have located the bodies of 51 of the 228 people who died when the Air France A330-200 jet crashed into the sea on 1 June. The most recent discoveries have been those of the pilot and a flight attendant.

More than 600 parts and structural components of the plane, along with luggage, have also been discovered and hauled out of the sea.

Brazilian authorities are currently engaged in the process of identification of the bodies, even as the debris and luggage are being sorted for clues by French aviation investigators.

For a period of 26 days a combined task force of planes, ships and submarines from Brazil, France, the United States and Spain have been engaged in the task of locating bodies, debris - and the still elusive flight data recorders or Black Boxes. The Brazilian authorities committed at least 12 aircraft and 11 ships to the operation.

Other nations have fielded smaller forces, including a nuclear submarine by France.

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Brazil calls off search for AF Flight 447 crash victims