International airline catering major to make India its major hub

India's booming aviation sector has attracted the world's largest airline catering and in-flight solutions provider. LSG Sky Chefs now plans to expand its presence and make India its major hub. The caterer will open four new facilities in the country next year.

"We are planning new facilities at Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata," the company's Chief Operating Officer for Asia-Pacific HK Cheung told the media in Bangkok.

LSG Sky Chefs is the sole independent international airline caterer in India. It has a presence at the currently operating airports in Hyderabad and Bangalore. But it is building new facilities at the new airports coming up in the two cities, to replace the existing ones.

Cheung said India's market size is around $100 million, and growing. He was in the Thai capital to attend the International Travel Catering Association (ITCA) Asia-Pacific conference.

India has a large middle class, but the number of air travellers is comparatively small. But, Cheung said, the boom in Indian aviation industry is here to stay and the number of air travellers is increasing at a rapid pace.

Asked how the company would take on domestic players in India, Cheung said his company was a global leader, and had developed expertise in various markets. "We are bringing a new perspective to India, keeping in mind the rich culture and varied tastes," he explained.