Munich and Frankfurt airports to levy emission-based landing fees

Germany's Munich and Frankfurt airports have announced plans to introduce an emission-linked component in take-off and landing fees for a three-year test phase. The German Airport Transport Initiative has developed this pilot project in consultation with the ministry of transport, building and urban affairs. It will introduce a charge of €3 per kg of nitrogenous oxide (NOx) emissions for all airlines landing in Frankfurt and Munich.

The new charge will not generate more revenue for the airports. The additional expenditure by airlines for emission-linked fees will be offset by an equivalent reduction in the fixed fees based on the maximum take-off weight of the aircraft type flown by the airline.

By launching emission-linked airport fees, the German aviation industry says it is making an active contribution to environmental protection. It has the support of the German Airports Cooperative as well as the German Airlines Association (BDF). Reduced NOx emissions will primarily benefit the air quality in the vicinity of the two airports.

The object is to create an incentive for airlines to operate aircraft with the lowest possible NOx emissions and send a long-term signal to manufacturers to go in for technological innovation that can create airliners with lower environmental impact.

The German Air Transport Initiative is convinced that the new fee regulation with its emission-based component will send a very specific ecological signal while ensuring that the competitive playing field stays level for Germany's aviation industry by avoiding distortions such as ticket taxes or development fees for airline passengers.