Aeroflot to buy 44 aircraft from Boeing and Airbus for $5.81 billion

Mumbai: Russia's national airline Aeroflot will buy a total of 44 aircraft (22 each from rivals Boeing and Airbus) for $5.81 billion, at a discount of about 17 per cent, Vedomosti business daily reported on Monday.

Aeroflot will pay $2.906 billion for 22 Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft and $2.904 billion for 22 of Airbus's A350 XWB planes, reports quoting Russia's Interfax news agency said.

Each of the two 22-plane orders would have cost $3.5 billion according to catalogue prices, indicating a discount of about 17 per cent, the report said.

The deal announced earlier this year, is one of the biggest-ever foreign plane orders by a Russian company.

Aeroflot will get its first Airbus in 2014 and the last in 2019, and its first Boeing in 2014 and the last in 2016, the report said.

Analysts see the 17 per cent discount as a big win for Aeroflot which had managed to play off both companies against each other.

Meanwhile, Deutsche Bank has acquired an 8.832-per cent stake in Aeroflot, Prime-Tass reported referring to the company's news release.

Deutsche Bank, which had a 1.822-per cent share in the Russian air carrier, acquired the remaining from the Cyprus-based Grabor Trading, which reduced its stake in Aeroflot from 12.318 per cent to 4.593 per cent.