ONGC pulls of major technology coup; produces ATF from gas

Hazira: ONGC has pulled of a major technology coup in an area least expected of the country's O&G major. In an innovative move it has succeeded in converting gas into kerosene, which it has further refined into aviation turbine fuel. The move has the potential to significantly impact operations of domestic carriers, for ATF produced from this process will be substantially cheaper than the traditional mode of producing it from crude oil.

"We have started ATF production from the middle of March, but the biggest piece of news to be proud of is that we are producing ATF from gas at our Hazira plant. All other petro-companies produce ATF only from crude oil - an expensive proposition," said RS Sharma, CMD, ONGC.

According to RS Sharma, "No other company, except ONGC, has the technology to produce ATF from gas - even overseas they produce it only from crude oil."

ONGC's Hazira plant will now produce 18,000 kilolitres of ATF every month, which will eventually be doubled over the next 3-5 years. When this comes to pass, ONGC will occupy the same space now dominated by IOC, BPCL and HPCL.

According to ONGC, it is currently supplying its own helicopter fleet with fuel produced through this process. It said that domestic airlines would soon start getting supplies as well.