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Orders for Boeing's 787 Dreamliner cross 500news
04 April 2007

Everett, USA: With an order for five 787-8 jets from Japan Airlines International Corp, which adds to the carrier's previous order for 30 jets, Boeing has now sold more than 500 of its new fuel-efficient 787 passenger jets. The American aerospace giant had disclosed last week that orders for its Dreamliner 787 had already touched 491. The tally, as of this week, stands at 514.

According to Boeing's 787 programme chief, Mike Bair, the company was studying ways to increase its production rate for the Dreamliner, which is scheduled to make its first flight in August this year and enter commercial service by next year.

Bair said that the company hoped to complete its study and arrive at a decision about the production-rate this summer. He however cautioned that any speedup in production would only occur after the first 112 airplanes were produced in 2008-09. Boeing officials have previously said that they eventually hope to assemble a 787 every three days.

Boeing's 514 orders for the 787 have been collected from more than 40 customers around the world. The 787 is designed to consume 20 per cent less fuel than comparable airplanes, mainly through the use of lightweight carbon-fibre composites.

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Orders for Boeing's 787 Dreamliner cross 500