Prem Shankar Jha

07 Apr 2007

The author, a noted analyst and commentator, is a former editor of the Hindustan Times, The Economic Times and The Financial Express, and a former information adviser to the prime minister of India. He is the author of several books including, The Perilous Road to the Market: The Political Economy of Reform in Russia, India and China, and Kashmir 1947: The Origins of a Dispute, and a regular columnist with several leading publications.

>> Missing the Bus
>> A matter of timing
>> Get ready for a recession
>> Boom or recession: who decides?
>> A budget of good intentions
>> Shamlal: The last of the giants
>> Pakistan's day of reckoning
>> Hanging our self-interest
>> Monetary stability at what cost?
>> In India's interest: clemency for Afzal
>> Dangers that lurk ahead
>> Inhuman justice
>> Tempering justice with compassion
>> The death of peace
>> A tragic mistake
>> Descent into barbarism
>> Exit Natwar
>> Tragedy in the Middle East
>> The view from Kashmir
>> The twilight of the nation state Globalisation, chaos and war
>> Insider at the UN
>> Respond positively to Gen Musharraf, Dr Singh
>> Two years of the UPA
>> Who are the barbarians?
>> Should we trust Musharraf?
>> Sonia Gandhi's courage
>> A signal achievement
>> Peace on a razor's edge
>> A 'don't rock the vote' budget
>> The politics of the coming budget
>> The root of evil
>> Guilty of what?
>> Missing the point
>> Agnipareeksha
>> A surrender to populism
>> Defence against whom?
>> Numbed by tragedy
>> Britain in denial
>> Home grown terror
>> Defence against whom?
>> Moment of truth in Iraq
>> Breaking ice
>> The lonely crusader
>> A question of trust
>> A journey into history
>> The rot at the core
>> Support at what price?
>> A growth-friendly budget
>> Hobson's choice
>> Playing politics with tragedy
>> Planning ahead for energy
>> 2005 will see an industrial boom
>> Dead in the water
>> An Avoidable Saga
>> A verdict born of pain
>> The first global election
>> America alone
>> Bridging the divide
>> Divided by perceptions
>> Acid test for the Congress
>> A government of economists shows its mettle
>> India's future on knife-edge
>> A pragmatic Left

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