World’s heaviest woman Eman Ahmed finally dies in an Abu Dhabi hospital

26 Sep 2017


Eman Ahmed the 500-kg Egyptian woman, who underwent weight-reduction treatment in three countries for over three years, breathed her last in an Abu Dhabi hospital on Monday.

Eman died in Abu Dhabi's Burjeel Hospital following a cardiac arrest, reports quoting doctors at the hospital said. She was reported to be fine until Saturday, but her health rapidly deteriorated due to an infection in her blood stream.

Eman, 37, the 500-kg woman with a 5-feet wide frame who left Mumbai after shedding 330-kg, has been undergoing corrective treatment for her various ailments at Abu Dhabi's Burjeel Hospital. She was declared dead at 4.35 am on Monday.

Eman left Mumbai on 4 May after a public spat between her sister and doctors at the Saifee Hospital where she has been undergoing treatment for 82 days.

Dr Nehad Halawa, head of ICU at Burjeel Hospital said Eman Ahmed had multiple organ dysfunction syndrome in her last few hours. They attributed it to a bacterial infection

"She suffered septic shock due to bacteria in her blood from a recurrent urinary tract infection. This time, the bacteria were very aggressive and affected all her organs, including the kidneys and heart, and was followed by a cardiac arrest in the last stage," reports quoted the doctor as saying.

The hospital has been reporting progress in her health despite long-term concerns over the long-term health of morbidly obese patients who weigh over 300kg

Her death is a setback for Burjeel as well as Mumbai's Saifee hospitals where she had undergone treatment.

A team led by Dr Muffazzal Lakdawala had operated on her at Saifee Hospital, on 7 March and brought her medical parameters to "normal" levels, but she was shifted to the Abu Dhabi hospital after man's sister Shaimaa Selim alleged "poor care".

Shaimaa, who was by Eman's side all along from the time Eman was flown in from Alexandria to Mumbai in February and later shifted to Abu Dhabi in May , said, she was in a better place and was improving.

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