Mauritius PM undergoes eye surgery at Hyderabad’s Maxivision Super Speciality Eye Hospitals

26 Feb 2016


Prime minister Anerood Jaugnauth of Mauritius underwent surgery for glaucoma and cataract at Hyderabad's Maxivision Super Speciality Eye Hospitals yesterday.

Aanerood Jugnauth''I am very comfortable in India. I am very pleased with the overall experience here,'' remarked Mauritius prime minister Anerood Jugnauth as he walked out of the Maxivision Super Speciality Eye Hospitals without assistance and sporting sunglasses, in Hyderabad yesterday, The Hindu reported.

The prime minister was successfully operated for cataract and glaucoma surgery performed by chief surgeon Kasu Prasad Reddy and his team few days ago.

He was to address a press conference but changed his mind at the last minute citing it was a ''private visit''.

Giving details of the surgical procedure, Dr Reddy said Jugnauth had twin issues of cataract and glaucoma and the surgery was, therefore, a ''complicated  procedure''.

The surgery involved a combination of four technologies including the 'Victus Femtosecond Laser' in which Dr Reddy had done primary prototype research work.

''Pupils had to be dilated, laser was used and special machine to deduce the vision power was used for the procedure which took about two hours in total,'' Reddy said.

The prime minister's right eye had advanced glaucoma, but the patient did not have to stay overnight in the hospital as the operations took an average of half hour for each eye, he added.

Dr Reddy, however, advised people in the over group of over 30 years to periodically check up their eyes for the condition as it was a silent disease which could be seen only by an ophthalmologist.

Sir Jugnauth said, "One of the main reasons for which I have decided to receive medical treatment in India was the good reputation of this country in terms of specialists, medical products and surgical procedures. Likewise, the opinions of acquaintances who already received treatment in India were very positive. Hyderabad has made impressive strides in recent years and is surging ahead with new facilities and technology.

"I am very pleased with the overall experience with Maxivision Eye Hospital, Hyderabad. The staff and doctor were very good & supportive. I'm thankful to Dr. Kasu Prasad Reddy who made my recovery possible. In addition, the post-surgery services and care were very good. I would recommend the patients in my country to seek medical treatment in India."


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