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05 July 2004

Pepsi launches Toss ka Boss campaign
New Delhi: To highlight its association with cricket Pepsi India has launched a consumer initiative called Toss Ka Boss, ahead of the ICC Champions Trophy in England this September.

As part of the consumer promotion, 15 top winners of the Toss Ka Boss consumer initiative get to accompany team captains to the pitch for the toss during the matches. Another 50 winners get an all-expense paid trip to watch a Champions Trophy match and a million others can collect miniature "collector's item" cricket bats signed by players of eight countries.

To participate, consumers have to collect Pepsi PET labels. Every label is worth a few runs, for example, a two-litre label is worth 50 runs. Anyone who collects 100 runs can redeem the label for any one of the eight team autographed miniature cricket bats. On the reverse of every bat is a scratch card carrying any of these — Toss Ka Boss, "Visit England" or "Collected all 8 countries bats?" All the lucky winners who get Toss Ka Boss under the scratch card get to travel to England with a companion and be the team captains' lucky mascot during the Toss of a match. All those who get "Visit England" travel to England on an all-expenses-paid trip to see a match.

Pepsi is going whole hog for the Toss Ka Boss consumer initiative in terms of an innovative, high visibility multi-media communications package including TV campaigns, radio spots, on ground activities and Point of Sale merchandise.

Mother Dairy launches low fat ice cream--Dietz
New Delhi: Mother Dairy has launched low fat ice cream called Dietz — a first in the Indian market. The company claims 65 per cent market share in the ice creams market in Delhi and the National Capital Region.

The company thinks changing food habits and increasing health consciousness among Indian consumers, particularly among the middle and upper middle class has resulted in a market for various low-fat offerings.

The milk fat content in Dietz is 25 per cent of that in regular ice creams. The low-fat range has been initially launched in two flavours, mango and strawberry. The launch of Dietz will be supported by heavy media activity in the press as well as outdoors.

The range will be available at Mother Dairy booths, retail outlets and push carts.

Titan to market Tommy Hilfiger watch
Titan Industries has announced the launch of the Tommy Hilfiger watch collection in India.

Titan has entered into an exclusive sub-licensing arrangement with GVM International, a Murjani Group company for marketing and distribution of Tommy Hilfiger watches in India.

The watch collection comprising 50 styles is priced between Rs3,995-Rs8,995.

Branded sunglasses are here
New Delhi:
Things are changing in the Rs330-crore Indian sunglasses industry, which so far has been dominated by sunglasses priced in the Rs50-100 range, with no assured quality or design protection.

This season Ray Ban has launched over 140 new models across five international brands while Titan too has launched its designer eye-wear collection Acid, Caf, City Silk and Rev in the range of Rs695-1,995. A number of imported brands like Gucci, Safilo, Amani are also trying to gain a foothold in the Indian markets.

The newly-launched sunglasses backed by famous brands come in a mind-boggling number of designs. They reflect the latest global styles in rimless and semi-rimmed designs, fine crystal and polycarbonate lenses, multiple colour options, and flexible nose pads, the frames too are available in a multitude of options and offer international features like ultra-comfortable patented flexible hinge across a variety of shapes and sizes.

Emami reshuffles brands
New Delhi: Emami, the Kolkata-based FMCG company, has initiated a brand restructuring exercise to bring more focus to its operations and to double sales to Rs650 crore by 2006-07.

The restructuring is being done so that all personal care products come under the flagship brand `Emami' and healthcare products under the other flagship brand `Himani.'

A decision has not been taken on whether brands that overlap will be phased out or will be relaunched. For example, the company has a Gold Turmeric Cream and glycerine soap under the Himani brand that could either be phased out or relaunched under the Emami brand.

The company is to launch a new ayurvedic range that includes a whole range of products for treating cough and cold, memory enhancers, blood purifiers and digestives.

In the current year, the company is eyeing over 33 per cent export revenue growth to Rs40 crore.

Emami's flagship products include Himani Boroplus Antiseptic cream and Sona Chandi Chyawanprash.

Gillette unveils MACH3 Turbo shaving system
New Delhi: Gillette India has launched the next generation triple blade shaving system `MACH3Turbo', which features anti-friction blades, protective skin guard, a new patented lubricating system and an improved razor handle with an ergonomically-enhanced grip.

The company claims Mach3Turbo will provide men a closer and a more comfortable shave compared to any other product they have ever used.

Gillette India plans to stay focused on the oral care business and shaving products in India and would continue to import and sell alkaline batteries. India is the second largest market for oral care across the world and the company recorded a robust 44 per cent growth in the oral care business in 2002-03 over the previous fiscal.

Gillette India's razor and blade business contributes 65 per cent of the company's total sales.

HLL's new distribution system to reach more consumers
Mumbai: Hindustan Lever Ltd (HLL) plans to reinvent its distribution set up so as to redefine current channels and create new channels.

At the company's Annual General Meeting M.S. Banga, chairman, HLL, indicated that increasing competition was the reason behind the focus on creating alternative distribution channels.

HLL, which already has one of the largest distribution set ups among FMCG companies now plans to look at a three-way convergence of product availability, brand communication and brand experience. The aim according to the company is to get the brands closer to the consumer.

These initiatives are expected to create employment and vocational opportunities through its nation-wide network of 7,000 stockists and 6,000 sub-stockists, thereby, employing over 60,000 people.

HLL is already involved in channels such as Project Shakti, which operates in 11 States; Hindustan Lever Network, which has a consultant base of 25,000 entrepreneurs; and out-of-home opportunity and health and beauty services.

Maruti to give Esteem a new face
New Delhi: Maruti Udyog is giving its mid size car Esteem a new look. The new Esteem will have considerable changes in the bonnet, the grill, on the rear and in the interiors.

The now phased-out Maruti 1000, launched in the eighties, sported the same look as the present Esteem and in that sense the car has been around for longer than any other car in the market except perhaps the Ambassador and the Premier Padmini, which are case studies in themselves.

Also with the mid-size segment getting crowded the new look will help Maruti Udyog fight off competition.

Apart from this, the strategy adopted by carmakers in recent time of constantly revamping their older models to keep up the excitement and maintain the buying tempo seems to be have worked. For instance, new look versions of the City and Accord rolled out by Honda last year have seen runaway sales.

Rani Mukherjee to endorse Nestle Munch
New Delhi: Nestle India has signed up Rani Mukherjee to endorse its chocolate brand Nestle Munch.

Nestle Munch sells at Rs5 per piece and the largest selling SKU in the chocolate and wafers category with widespread sales in metros and in smaller towns.

The company feels that as the brand ambassador Rani Mukherjee complements the popularity of the Munch brand and like the brand, her star appeal cuts across age, town, class and SEC.

J Walter Thompson has created the advertisement for Nestle.

Tatas get into budget hotels; launch indiOne hotel
Bangalore: The Indian Hotels Company has launched its first budget hotel `indiOne', having tariffs under Rs1,000.

IndiOne would follow a no discounts policy and the company hopes to redefine the Indian hospitality industry with this launch.

The first IndiOne hotel is located at Whitefield near Bangalore The company plans to open 150 such hotels across the world though a dozen of these will be set up within the next one year in India. The cost of the hotel near Bangalore is around Rs10 crore.

IHCL has set up a new subsidiary — Roots Corporation — for operating these hotels.

UB to launch no frills airline
New Delhi: The UB Group will launch a low-cost airline to be branded `Kingfisher' by the year-end. According to the company the airline will provide a great experience to the passengers who travel with it.

The UB group already has a no-scheduled operators licence and plans to approach the central government for converting the licence into a scheduled operator permit.

Compiled by Mohini Bhatnagar

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