India's enterprise mobility market to touch $1 billion: study news
17 September 2011

The enterprise mobility market in India, which has grown exponentially over the past three years, has the potential to grow into a $1-billion telecom segment in the next five years.

The enterprise mobility market, which encompasses hardware, network and data, applications and associated services, has grown exponentially over the past three years. Enterprise mobility market (excluding devices) in India currently stands at $244 million.

This is primarily on account of factors like increased maturity of industry verticals towards adoption, declining costs, increased start-up activity, and ecosystem play in market development, according to study by advisory firm Zinnov Management Consulting.

''As enterprise mobility moves from being a concept to reality, a variety of innovative use cases are simultaneously emerging. It is also encouraging to see how the start-up ecosystem is evolving. Many tech companies such as RIM, Qualcomm, etc. are looking to provide seed funding and venture capital to start-ups working in the mobility space in India,'' says Praveen Bhadada, director, global consulting, Zinnov Management Consulting.

''Enterprise mobility in India certainly has a billion-dollar potential in the next five years. We will see over 40 per cent year-on-year growth for the segment over the next five years,'' Bhadada adds.

India's 840-million mobile phone subscriber base has a 15 per cent smart phone penetration, while about 1 lakh tablet PCs are sold every year. All these point to a good devices penetration that is further fuelling the growth of enterprise mobility, the study said.

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India's enterprise mobility market to touch $1 billion: study