Fukushima survivors file suit against Japanese government, Tepco news
11 March 2013

Hundreds Fukushima disaster survivors in Japan, today filed a class-action lawsuit seeking restitution of the region contaminated by radioactive fallout.

The case was filed by some 800 plaintiffs, with the Fukushima District Court, demanding 50,000-yen ($520) a month from the government and Tokyo Electric Power Co (Tepco) until the area was restored, their lawyers said in a statement.

The plaintiffs, mostly from Fukushima, also include some residents of neighboring prefectures, according to the lawyers.

"Through this case, we seek restitution of the region to the condition before radioactive materials contaminated the area, and demand compensation for psychological pains until the restitution is finished," the statement said.

The case was filed with Japan marking the second anniversary of the 9.0-magnitude earthquake two years back. The earthquake unleashed a giant tsunami along the northeastern Pacific coast.

Nearly 19,000 people perished in the natural disasters, including those whose bodies had not yet been recovered.

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Fukushima survivors file suit against Japanese government, Tepco