US tycoon Donald Trump to bankroll anti-wind farm campaign in Scotland

US tycoon Donald Trump will bankroll an anti-wind farm campaign to fight an off-shore development project near his luxury golf resort in Scotland.

Writing to first minister Alex Salmond earlier this month, Trump claimed Salmond seemed to be "hell-bent on destroying Scotland's coastline" with wind turbines.

A planning application was submitted to Marine Scotland last summer, for an 11-turbine wind farm off Aberdeen Bay, near Trump's Menie resort. A decision on the proposal would be made later this year.

According to Trump, turbines were "ugly monstrosities" and "horrendous machines". He has halted work on his development until the decision Scottish government made a decision.

Communities Against Turbines Scotland (Cats) contacted the Trump Organisation following the publication of a letter to Salmond; they had now joined forces.

George Sorial, vice-president of the Trump Organisation who spoke to the The Herald newspaper, insisted Trump would use all resources at his disposal and do "whatever it takes" to prevent the turbines being erected.