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Delhi doctor replaces aortic valve in 76-year-old in non-invasive surgery

05 December 2016

In a first of its kind in India, a 76-year-old woman diagnosed with aortic stenosis, a medical condition that restricts blood flow through the heart's aortic valve, was cured through non-invasive surgery in less than 45 minutes.

Delhi-based cardiologist Purushottam Lal, who is a former member of the Medical Council of India Board of Governors, conducted the procedure on the 76-year-old woman who was not in a position to undergo open heart surgery due to her co-morbid condition coupled with dysfunctional knees.

The barely 15-minute procedure involved implanting of a path-breaking new medical device called core valve, which is pre-sterilised, pre-packaged and ready for use in cases of high-risk patients requiring aortic valve replacement.

According to the doctors, Rama Dhamani's aortic valve was narrowing, and an open heart surgery was not possible because of her old age. After analysing the patient's condition, who also had history of lung infection and knee problems, doctors, earlier this week, performed Trans Cathether Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) - a non-invasive procedure.

This particular procedure is a combination of innovative pre-crimped self expandable, ready to use valve replacement along with Angioplasty.

''Elderly patients are at extreme risk while undergoing open heart surgery as their fragile body might not take the stress of such long procedures,'' Purshotam Lal, interventions cardiologist and chairman, Metro Group of Hospitals, said. ''With this new advancement, a surgery that took four to five hours to replace the aorta valve, can now be done in less than 45 Minutes. It will be a boon for elderly and patients unfit for open heart surgeries,'' Lal said.

The patient has completely recovered and returned home within two days of the surgery. ''I was not fit to have open heart surgery due to my age and other health problems. But my hopes were rekindled when I learned about the possibility of having the procedure without any surgery and minimal complications involved,'' said Rama.

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