India's oil demand seen rising 3.21% to 4.88 million barrels per day in 2019

India’s oil demand will rise by 3.21 per cent to 4.88 million barrels per day (mb/d) in 2019 from 4.73 mb/d during the previous year, as per monthly oil market report published by OPEC in September.

OPEC has projected the country’s oil demand to further rise to 5.05 mb/d by 2020 (3.36 per cent year on year), outpacing China's oil demand growth of 2.37 per cent.
The petroleum ministry has taken up oil conservation measures at the end-users level which, inter-alia, include:
  • Reducing energy consumption through introduction of standard and labeling programme for equipments using petro-based fuels such as domestic LPG stoves, diesel irrigation pump sets and diesel generator sets;
  • Training of drivers and organisation of transport workshops;
  • Sensitising farmers on petroleum conservation through Kisan Melas, agriculture workshops etc;
  • Carrying out energy audits;
  • Educating housewives on efficient use of domestic LPG; and
  • Mass awareness activities through Saksham campaigns, social media campaigns, campaigns on TV, radio and newspapers, literature, exhibitions etc.