Petrol, diesel prices hiked

Fuel prices today rose after a month's respite for auto fuel consumers. The price of petrol has been hiked by 16-17 paise in major metros and diesel by 12-13 paise. 

Petrol and diesel prices had started rising steadily in the aftermath of the Karnataka elections, and reached a record high on 29 May. Thereafter fuel prices were kept unchanged or cut in line with global crude oil prices.
With today's increase, petrol  pump prices in Delhi reached Rs75.71 per litre, up from Rs75.55 on 21 June. In Mumbai, the petrol pump price was Rs83.10 per litre, up from Rs82.94 per litre. 
In Chennai and Kolkata, petrol pump prices now are Rs78.57 per litre and Rs78.39 per litre. 
Diesel price also went up by 12 paise in Delhi and currently stands at Rs67.50 per litre, while in Mumbai it is Rs 71.62 per litre, up from Rs 71.49 per litre. In Kolkata diesal is now priced at Rs70.05  per litre, while in Chennai, it is Rs71.24 per litre. 
The new rates came into effect at 6:00 am on Thursday, 5 July.
Brent oil rose yesterday above $78 a barrel.