Euro IV fuel to be available in Delhi from 24 March

Public sector oil companies will begin supplying eco-friendly Euro-IV compliant petrol and diesel to  Delhi from 24 March.

following the capital will be 13 major cities including the four metros and Bangalore, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad, which are set to graduate to Euro-IV from 1 April even as the remaining cities move to Euro III-compliant fuels except certain areas in east and south that will get the fuels in phases.

Consumers could expect to have to pay 40 paise a litre more for motor fuels in the 13 cities that will be selling only upgraded automobile fuels to conform to Euro-IV quality norms.

While confirming that the government was considering a differential pricing policy for Euro-IV petrol and diesel, petroleum secretary S Sundareshan declined to say quantify the difference from Euro III fuels being sold now.

According to sources a 10-20 paise hike would allow state-run oil firms to cover the cost of their investments in creating facilities for making Euro-IV fuels while another 14-18 paise a litre increase would go towards a revision in dealer margin to take effect from April as per the formula laid down by the oil ministry.

According to Sundereshan, supply of Euro-IV fuel would be no problem and companies have already started supplying Euro-IV fuel in some places and from 1 April, Euro-IV petrol and diesel would be sold in all the 13 cities.