Mumbai gets latest digital X-ray facility

Mumbai: Vital Imaging Centre in Mumbai has acquired some of the latest digital equipment to provide the best diagnostic facilities to patients in the city. A venture of Aggarwal Diagnostics, the imaging center has upgraded its X-ray facilities with the recently launched Kodak DirectView Computed Radiography CR 500 system.

The eco-friendly technology used by the Kodak Dry View Laser Imaging systems has enabled the imaging centre to dispense with the use of wet chemicals, removing the need for conventional darkroom facilities with plumbing, and shortening the processing time. The dry technology saves water (to the tune of 70,000 litres annually per machine), obviates the need for environmentally hazardous chemicals and offers better image quality — which can be archived for over 100 years. Kodak pioneered the use of dry laser imaging technology for medical printing in 1995.

Dr. Mohan Nadkarni, vice president of Kodak''s Health Imaging Division said, "The delivery of our best products to the radiology fraternity is always a satisfying experience. In the case of the Vital Imaging Centre it has been more so, since it was a first for the CR-500 product in the Mumbai city. The fact that Dr. Agarwal chose Kodak over other providers is a testimony to our product features and service support."

Kodak''s Health Imaging Group is a world leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing intelligent imaging products from analog to digital. Its portfolio includes computed radiography and digital radiography systems, laser imagers, picture archiving and communications systems (PACS), radiology information systems, dental imaging and services, and traditional mammography and x-ray film systems. The group, with annual revenues of $2.43 billion, has served the global health care community for more than 100 years. The Health Imaging Group is the second-largest business within Kodak, which had sales last year of $13.2 billion.