Uplinking from India: New norms set for foreign news channels

New Delhi: The Indian government is setting new guidelines for foreign news channels wishing to uplink from India, as it is of the opinion that the Star group has circumvented the guidelines.

After scrutinising over 600-odd pages of documents relating to Star News, it has concluded that the company had bypassed rules by entering into a series of financial relationships with backend companies.

Sources say it has been felt that the Star group continued to have complete operational control over Media Content and Communication Services (MCCS), which has applied for the uplinking licence. "MCCS was a front company having no editorial control, no power of appointment and could not raise equity and finances on its own."

While the government does not wish to shut any channel off, the sources add that the terms and conditions of the law must be followed. "The arrangement of Star has shown that the guidelines in terms of editorial control and divestment of equity have not been followed for the object."