Bosch launches Avantixx condensation dryers in India

Bosch Home Appliances, Europe's largest home appliances brand, recently announced the launch of Avantixx 8 condensation dryer in India. The premium dyer range by Bosch incorporates a wide range of innovative features that are best suited for Indian specific conditions, the company said in a release.

''The use of condensation dryers, which has been popular in several countries across the globe is steadily catching ground in India for numerous reasons. Drying clothes using an exterior clothes-line during monsoons or in locations with high humidity levels allows moisture to seep and get trapped within.

This leaves clothes moist for days resulting into dust accumulation and can also release odor over a period of time.

In relation, exposure of clothes to extreme local weather conditions can lead to wear and tear as well as discoloration of the fabric in the long run. Given the challenge of acute space constraints in smaller format apartments in India, drying clothes in the interiors of a home can pose as problem and thus electric irons are used to get rid of the moisture, adding to utility bills. The Avantixx 8 condensation dryers by Bosch serves as a perfect solution to cater to these set of problems,'' Dirk Dedekind, head of marketing, Bosch Home Appliances (India), said.

Bosch Avantixx 8 comes with a host of innovative features offering superior German technology. Sensory drying feature keeps a check on the over-heating of the fabric, thus preventing damage to it. Revolution drying is gentle on all types of fabric. The `low-heat', function reduces the temperature for delicate fabrics and the `anti- creasing' feature, a gentle drum built in such a way that it prevents the garments from creasing.

The duo-tronic sensory drying feature monitors the laundry during the entire drying cycle, preventing fiber damage due to overheating by automatically stopping the dryer once garments reach the desired level of dryness.