Asda and Aldi to ban high energy caffeine drinks sale to under 16s

20 Jan 2018


Asda and Aldi have announced customers who want to buy high caffeine energy drinks will need to show ID within weeks.

The ban will come into force at Asda, which is the first of the ''big four'' to announce an age limit, on 5 March.

The ban will also be applied at Aldi to soft drinks containing 150mg of caffeine per litre from 1 March.

Oliver King, Aldi's managing director of corporate responsibility, said, "We are introducing this age restriction in response to growing concern about the consumption of energy drinks among young people".

The move comes after Waitrose became the first to impose the ban which will hit dozens of big brand energy drinks.

It comes after evidence emerged that high consumption of the drinks, such as Red Bull and Monster, could lead to unruly and risky behaviour.

According to experts, regular consumption is a gateway to drug use, smoking and alcohol abuse.

Campaigners have been prodding the government for a complete ban on energy drinks, after the ill effects of energy drinks consumption became known. Prime Minister Theresa May has been asked to consider a UK-wide ban.

Asda is the first of the ''big four'' supermarkets to announce an age restriction, which will take effect from 5 March.

Aldi has also announced that customers buying soft drinks containing over 150mg of caffeine per litre from any of its UK or Ireland stores may be required to prove their age from 1 March.

Andrew Murray, Asda's chief customer officer, said, ''We take our responsibilities as a retailer seriously and work hard to ensure we get the balance right between offering choice and doing the right thing.

''We have listened to our customers and want to take a leading position in this area to support parents and teachers in limiting young peoples' access to high-caffeine drinks.''

Earlier this month Waitrose said customers buying drinks containing more than 150mg of caffeine per litre would be asked to prove they were over 16 years of age.

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