Dubai Airshow 2007 to be the biggest ever

At least 130 aircraft will be on display at the 10th Dubai Airshow, in which about 50 countries and 800 exhibitors - including many from India - will take part. The show will be held from 11 to 15 November, and will draw up to 40,000 visitors.

Highlights include aerobatics and two dozen flight demonstrations. Dubai Aerospace Enterprise - the government-backed aerospace giant - will make its maiden appearance at the Air Expo, which will showcase key areas in aviation, including military aircraft, commercial carriers and aerospace firms.

The show will have 10 per cent more exhibitors since the 2005 event, which featured 726 exhibitors from 46 countries and 15 national pavilions. The event will showcase not only US defence manufacturers, but also a large delegation of Russian aviation firms.

Russia''s International Association of Space Activities will participate for the first time. A flight demonstration by the MiG 29 is also scheduled. The show will also feature Russian aviation giant Sukhoi, which is expected to showcase its civilian regional jetliner as well as the Su-30 multi-role fighter-bomber.